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Multiple Logins of Gmail and Orkut through firefox

Saturday, November 24, 2007 - - 2 Comments

Just follow the following steps and you will be able to login in gmail and orkut with multiple accounts. Through this you will be able to make profiles in your firefox.

Step 1:
Open system properties(by right clicking my computer), choose tab advanced, click to environment variables button. in system variables section, click new. type this information to each textbox.

Step 2:
variable name: moz_no_remote (should be all small letter).

variable value: 1

Step 3:
open firefox icon's properties(from desktop and quick launch). add extension -p to command line(like "c:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe" -p). press ok.
When you will open firefox it will prompt for profile selection create a profile,open firefox login to orkut open once more use another profile login.

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jainy said...

i was try this but unable to do this.
i face the problem with fire fox it not accept "p"wich u written for add.
so plz assist me for this


....LearN eVertHING heRe... said...

ur a really good.....
can u share me a little bit your knowldge wth me???
e-mail me at
i really need your help..